The Ovahimba Years

A Multimedia Ethnography in Namibia and Angola
Petite Rina
Les années Ovahimba

Une ethnographie multim├ędia en Namibie et Angola



A song sung by elders and adult men within Otjiherero language speaking groups living in north-western Namibia and south-western Angola. This type of monotonous singing generally shows little variation and often recalls ancestors or places of importance. The song is lead by a main singer and followed by one or more men responding to the narrative. In this exerpt, Kakaendona, the Headman's youngest daughter, joined in the singing.

This recording is sung by an Omukuvale man from south western Angola on a visit to his relatives at the Tjambiru homestead in Etanga, northwestern Namibia in 2002. Recordings of similar singing were subsequently made near Virei, home to the Ovakuvale cattle farmers, in the province of Namibe, Angola.